Monday, August 19, 2013


So i recently read Stripped By Jasinda Wilder. I was anxiously waiting for this books release. I went into to the book with high expectations and unfortunately was brought down. I was really excited with the plot but i thought that it could have been extended a little more. It talks about Grey Amundsen a girl from Georgia , She is a pastors daughter so she was brought up in a very sheltered life and taught that love or intimacy is sin. She just wanted to dance in a studio and that took him a lot to give in. Her mother was the bridge that gaped the two of them together. After taking a couple classes she found that she had a love and passion for film and her teacher encouraged to enroll in an institute for film. Her father refused. ...... I shall leave you there. *Spoiler Alert* After her father refused which of course i wanted to hit him in the face, like seriously your wife died and instead of embracing your daughter and comforting her, he shuts her down and disowns her what kind of malarkey is that !. There are a lot of parts in the book that made really cringe and moments where i was like what the hell is going on. But I sincerely was upset when she kept on explaining the leering looks they would give her.  For example when she couldn't find any job like there is just no jobs whatsoever so i'm sitting here like its kind of possible and not so possible. The book has potential it just need more expansion on the details. There were parts that i really loved and parts i couldn't begin to get a grasp on. I liked Dawson but i felt like they didn't go into their dynamic of their relationship which is key to any book. For me personally i needed to see a struggle or a conflict before we jump to marriage. They should know each other in and out before marrying them. There were a couple of scenes where i thought was really beautiful and should have a little more written about. The scene when they were both sleeping together and she said he was like her home. I enjoyed the book but i felt like there should have written a lot more on. I felt the story line was a little rushed. If it was expanded it could have been more juice to the smoothie ya know.  All in all its a good book but it could have been more to the story. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rock Chick

Sorry for being a little MIA lately... I have been enjoying too much books and ones that will throw you for the ride of your life and end up looking a hot
mess of emotions and you are just exhausted ....yup that's how i felt after reading Rock Chick by Katie Ashley. Anyways onto the juicy details where there may or may not contain spoilers read at your own risk! So in this wonderful novel we meet Indy Savage she's your little feisty heroine. She owns a used bookstore passed down from her grandmother. Her father is a cop and she is a really big rock fan. Moving along she has been trying to get the attention of Liam "Lee" Nightingale for a while now ever since she was five years old... not that long of a time... Anyways it only takes one of her employees who has made a very bad deal and causing her life to be in danger not that bad right nope wrong... Now Lee has to be involved regardless cause its his sister's best friend. And top it all off with a nice bow Lee decided that he was interested in Indy he wants to be in a relationship with her. Now this book has drove me up the walls. First of all i loved Indy and Ally they are quite the pair. Now as much as i loved Indy i wanted to just slap her senseless this girl puts the dis in obedient.. Because of her lovely and big mouth there are a mob of evil bad guys hot on her trail. Which leads into her asking Ally her best friend to find a place to hide in for a couple days. She sends her to Lee's house like girl is cray seriously I had a feeling that he was going to pop in at anytime. Folks lets take a wild guess who popped in the middle of the night and dragged Indy out of bed like a criminal..that's right Lee. Now Lee is a very debatable situation. At times i hated the way he talked to her. At other times (...which is a lot ) he understands her and is the only person that can handle all her craziness. That guy likes to boss people around no joke seriously. Anyways he offers Indy a proposition he helps Rosie her employee and he gets her to be his girlfriend. Honestly there are some moments where i'm just like dude you could have done that way way better like come on.... he like demanded to have sex with her when before he said he saw her as a sister. Come on a girl can only take so much rejection and humiliation. He then waltz's in and is like i'm done playing your games and stuff....huh? last time i checked he was the one that stated he didn't see her like that and if you are so determined you should have grabbed her from the moment you came back. You could have gave her something to hold onto until you came back. Anyways enough with the ranting. I think this book is great if you are in need of some adventure and suspense (although i kind of figured out what was going on most of the time.. but that's probably cause i'm cuckoo like that.....) This book is great and is one of a very long series it follows every body introduced in Rock Chick...seriously.... It will have you laughing so hard, wanting to slap someone, or just swooning a little or a lot depends on you. Quote time .. 
“For what it’s worth, I’ll share my intentions. You and me, we aren't practice for the real thing. It isn't that too much is at stake with family and friends, it’s because I love you. You’re funny, beautiful and you care about people. I like the way you look at me, especially when you think I don’t notice it. I like that we have history and our kids will have a big family and share that history because there was never a time when their Mom and Dad weren't together. If you were a terrible lay, I might have second thoughts but you and I are dynamite together. I intend to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. If that freaks you out, tough, because now we've started this, there’s no goin’ back.”-Lee ( he can be romantic if he tried) 
― Kristen AshleyRock Chick 
“We’re not exactly together and were not, not together. We’re in together-limbo. We’re test-driving together to see if we want to buy it.” 
Hilarious  “Girlie, I'm from Texas. We shoot at each other to say good morning.” 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shine Not Burn

So i know i have been a little slow with reviews but i'm getting there i read a lot recently and can't wait to talk about it. So the book that i'm going to talk about is Shine Not Burn By Elle Casey. *Contains Spoilers* Now this book was one of those pull-your-hair-yell-at-your-reader type of book. Now we meet Andie who works at a law firm and has the worst taste when it comes to guys. She goes to Vegas for one of her best friends bachelorette party. Now years later she wants to get married but can't because she found out that she was already married. So she packs everything and goes to have a negotiation with her supposed husband. ....Whew let me tell you people this girl as much as i loved her character as much as i wanted to shake some sense into her. She has this insane idea of her life plan. She wants to become partners in her law firm at 20 something. Then have kids at thirty. If everybody tried to set up their life like her we would be like robots going on about life without any passion or life in us. What she doesn't realize is life will never let you do things your way. When she went with her friends to Vegas i felt that she was finally starting to realize that her life isn't one big planner and she should take things one step at a time.  Oh my gosh i totally loved Mack that was a guy who knew what he wanted and fought for it till the end. Now we never really find out whats his surprise was for her. We then fast forward to a couple years later and we find out that she is no longer talking to her best friends. So we were like what could possibly have happened. Well she chose the wrong guy for her again and is going to marry him. We find out from Ruby her secretary that he was the reason why she doesn't talk to her friends anymore. He is an arrogant dude. Anyways she goes to talk to Mack and try to get a divorce from him. Of course he doesn't want to. She doesn't remember much from that night. She grows really close to his family and they don't really know why she's there. Basically the reason why she has this life plan because she was hurt because of her mom's boyfriend. She felt that was the only way to gain some control over her life. OHH i wanted to slap that country barbie ugh ...what was her name oh Hannah. That girl was infuriating she popped up everywhere. But they eventually work their problems together. I freaking loved this book. But seriously though the wedding vows they wrote for each other was so hysterical i can't. Quote Time.... “Come on, wife. Come take a little ride with me. Let me show you all the things you'll be missing when you go back East and leave me here with a broken heart.”-Mack to Andie  “Andie: "Why can't you just let me go?" Mack: "I can't let you go because you're mine.
 OOOhh this book i swooned and laughed and teared just perfection.  You all should go and read it now.... thats an order !

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life Altering Beautiful

So this book is like a freaking roller coaster ride... It talks about a girl named Seven who moved across the country abandoning her past and trying to make a new future for herself. She has a very spunky roommate who's going to be a great part of her life. As per her roommate suggestion they go to a frat party and there she meets Stone. Her roommates brother. From the moment they laid eyes on each other there was this instant connection. Now Stone is known for being.. hold your horses your typical bad boy. Yup now how can a girl resist bad boy..not me. Now Stone is interesting.. of course he has his secrets and he sees seven and he immediately wants to know her better. Seven knows Stone's type, you know the ones that leave you with a broken heart. Which is something that she's trying to steer clear from. At first they take it slow, just as friends. Now me and the whole universe know that when they say "just friends", it never works out that seriously. Tammy knows that her brother is a man whore and basically says to her not to try any funny business with him because he doesn't do commitment. Of course her response to that was were just friends.....nope not anytime soon. So things get heated with them and Stone wants her to realize that there is something between them. Now all while Seven is starting this friendship with Stone and Tammy, shadows of her past are infiltrating in her current life.  One specific guy from her past keeps popping up through the story and i wanted to slap Trent. He was obnoxious and such a sleaze. Of course Tammy likes to be rebellious so she becomes interested and they start going out. This comes as a shock to Seven because its like a mortifying nightmare. She and Tammy get into a huge argument which leaves a huge dent in their relationship. Now if my friend were to tell me that this guy was evil or bad ... i wouldn't think twice about. There's a lot of bumps in the road like when Stone was about to graduate but didn't tell her. When there was a girl who answered Stone's phone. Ugh just so much the ending though i totally didn't understand i felt like there should have been a better way to end the story. It ended so abruptly and then it moved on to the Epilogue which was five years later and then that ended very strange. There should have been a better way to end the story. If the ending was better it would have changed the book.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spark By Brooke Cumberland

    Okay now here is another book that has blown my mind and left me crying                         after it was done. *Warning Warning Cliff Hanger* 
The book talks about our lovely heroine Velaney Wills who has a lot of hurt and anguish in her. She steers away from a relationship because she feels that she is too damaged and nobody wants damaged goods. Enter Eric Reilley who is a firefighter and is too good to be true. i shall leave you there and you have to go read it for your selves TTFN (Ta Ta for Now ). Well boys and girls this book started off with a burning inferno of desire, no really it started of with an inferno, meaning the building was on fireee. And of course because this is a novel although i wish it was real life a very delicious firefighter who so happens to be off duty and lives in her building and on the floor beneath her, rescues her. When this fire happens it was laundry day meaning Mr. Gorgeous firefighter saw her in a little lacy nightie yikes!! Anyways even after he saved her, he wants to get to know her a little bit better. And can i throw in how much i love Carissa, she really was a strong force in this story.  OH MY GOSH Carissa i can't, the things she says to Velaney "you really need a visit from the pussy fairy", i was rolling on the floor in happy tears. Velaney got her trust broken by the most close to her heart. What devastates her even more is that her own parents aren't there when she needs them to be. *dun dun dun another spoiler read at your own risk, don't say i didn't warn you* Aiden her brother has been sexually abusing her since she was eight, it all started when she accidentally crushed in front of her pastor mother. After she got reprimanded Aiden told her she needs to be punished and did the most unimaginable thing. Velaney always has this constant fear or disgust  towards cursing or swear words in general. Let's take a wild guess as to why, the most thing that infuriates is that how can her own brother claim her as his as if she is some property. Eric is seriously the most perfect guy for her or in general. Aiden continues to make life for them hard, constantly stalking them and making the relationship between Eric and her even harder. And the ending ahhhh i like had a panic attack.... On a lighter note my most favorite parts of the book was  when she sang to him for the first time to get him back. When they see each other for the first time. Quote Time...  “You were worried about me, sweetheart? Well, aren't you a doll.”-Eric to Velaney “I’m a firefighter. We don’t…usually knock,”-Eric  “I’m starting to think you just like me rescuing you.” -Eric .. People this book is overall a squeal worthy book seriously.... 


So your girl here went a little crazy these past couple of days with books. Seriously like there is just too many good books out there, like i'm loving all of the authors out there. Anyways onto the reviews.....

So the first book that i read this past couple of days is called Spiral by Mila Ferrera. Ugh this book...Amazing. Its about a Psychology student named Nessa. She's interning at a hospital and has always had this work hard attitude. At the hospital she meets a very interesting doctor named Aron and there i shall leave it *insert evil laugh*. Now can i start off by saying that this book is like awesome. You know you are reading a good book when you can cry, clutch your chest and laugh your butt off all in the same sitting. As much i love reading about more emotional context, i love some comedy relief. Now i love how driven she is and how strong although the circumstances shes been in aren't the most ideal. At the same time i felt like she should deserves love and i'm so glad that she finally realizes. *spoiler alert* (read at your own risk) Now the reason she doesn't like to be involved is because of her father being bipolar and her fear that the constant roller coaster of a relationship could trigger some symptoms. The irony in this story is words. Both characters were so unique and were able to pull the best out of each other. Aron is an amazing character. I like loved him seriously. There were so much growth for him as a character. Now when we found out he was bipolar i was like " I KNEW IT SERIOUSLY", especially when he was a man whore for a good chunk of his time. The whole time i'm reading and it's like Real by Katy Evans (Awesome book by the way go check it out). Except he knows how to deal with it. Aron he had no idea and just kept going on. The thing i love about this book is that it was so realistic it wasn't all butterflies it was tough. For Nessa seeing the man she loves in pain and him refusing to drag her down with him. One of my favorite scenes is the Halloween Scene it was so funny and sweet and sexy ughhh. The fact that they both dressed up as vikings and had no clue..... squeee overload. Quote time.... "Always do the thing that scares you"-Nessa's Dad. "You're biased i'm wearing a corset" - Nessa to Aron.
 “It wouldn’t have worked because I feel more for you than I ever have for anyone, and anything we do together isn’t me using you!” He squeezes his eyes shut and sets his forehead on mine. “It’s me, giving myself to you.”-Aron to Nessa. Can i just end it by saying you shall swoon and cry and have mini anxiety attacks and too many feels. If you liked Real By Katy Evans you will like this although this doesn't have an MMA fighter but he's just as strong and swoony.