Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life Altering Beautiful

So this book is like a freaking roller coaster ride... It talks about a girl named Seven who moved across the country abandoning her past and trying to make a new future for herself. She has a very spunky roommate who's going to be a great part of her life. As per her roommate suggestion they go to a frat party and there she meets Stone. Her roommates brother. From the moment they laid eyes on each other there was this instant connection. Now Stone is known for being.. hold your horses your typical bad boy. Yup now how can a girl resist bad boy..not me. Now Stone is interesting.. of course he has his secrets and he sees seven and he immediately wants to know her better. Seven knows Stone's type, you know the ones that leave you with a broken heart. Which is something that she's trying to steer clear from. At first they take it slow, just as friends. Now me and the whole universe know that when they say "just friends", it never works out that seriously. Tammy knows that her brother is a man whore and basically says to her not to try any funny business with him because he doesn't do commitment. Of course her response to that was were just friends.....nope not anytime soon. So things get heated with them and Stone wants her to realize that there is something between them. Now all while Seven is starting this friendship with Stone and Tammy, shadows of her past are infiltrating in her current life.  One specific guy from her past keeps popping up through the story and i wanted to slap Trent. He was obnoxious and such a sleaze. Of course Tammy likes to be rebellious so she becomes interested and they start going out. This comes as a shock to Seven because its like a mortifying nightmare. She and Tammy get into a huge argument which leaves a huge dent in their relationship. Now if my friend were to tell me that this guy was evil or bad ... i wouldn't think twice about. There's a lot of bumps in the road like when Stone was about to graduate but didn't tell her. When there was a girl who answered Stone's phone. Ugh just so much the ending though i totally didn't understand i felt like there should have been a better way to end the story. It ended so abruptly and then it moved on to the Epilogue which was five years later and then that ended very strange. There should have been a better way to end the story. If the ending was better it would have changed the book.  

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