Monday, August 19, 2013


So i recently read Stripped By Jasinda Wilder. I was anxiously waiting for this books release. I went into to the book with high expectations and unfortunately was brought down. I was really excited with the plot but i thought that it could have been extended a little more. It talks about Grey Amundsen a girl from Georgia , She is a pastors daughter so she was brought up in a very sheltered life and taught that love or intimacy is sin. She just wanted to dance in a studio and that took him a lot to give in. Her mother was the bridge that gaped the two of them together. After taking a couple classes she found that she had a love and passion for film and her teacher encouraged to enroll in an institute for film. Her father refused. ...... I shall leave you there. *Spoiler Alert* After her father refused which of course i wanted to hit him in the face, like seriously your wife died and instead of embracing your daughter and comforting her, he shuts her down and disowns her what kind of malarkey is that !. There are a lot of parts in the book that made really cringe and moments where i was like what the hell is going on. But I sincerely was upset when she kept on explaining the leering looks they would give her.  For example when she couldn't find any job like there is just no jobs whatsoever so i'm sitting here like its kind of possible and not so possible. The book has potential it just need more expansion on the details. There were parts that i really loved and parts i couldn't begin to get a grasp on. I liked Dawson but i felt like they didn't go into their dynamic of their relationship which is key to any book. For me personally i needed to see a struggle or a conflict before we jump to marriage. They should know each other in and out before marrying them. There were a couple of scenes where i thought was really beautiful and should have a little more written about. The scene when they were both sleeping together and she said he was like her home. I enjoyed the book but i felt like there should have written a lot more on. I felt the story line was a little rushed. If it was expanded it could have been more juice to the smoothie ya know.  All in all its a good book but it could have been more to the story. 

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