Thursday, August 1, 2013


So your girl here went a little crazy these past couple of days with books. Seriously like there is just too many good books out there, like i'm loving all of the authors out there. Anyways onto the reviews.....

So the first book that i read this past couple of days is called Spiral by Mila Ferrera. Ugh this book...Amazing. Its about a Psychology student named Nessa. She's interning at a hospital and has always had this work hard attitude. At the hospital she meets a very interesting doctor named Aron and there i shall leave it *insert evil laugh*. Now can i start off by saying that this book is like awesome. You know you are reading a good book when you can cry, clutch your chest and laugh your butt off all in the same sitting. As much i love reading about more emotional context, i love some comedy relief. Now i love how driven she is and how strong although the circumstances shes been in aren't the most ideal. At the same time i felt like she should deserves love and i'm so glad that she finally realizes. *spoiler alert* (read at your own risk) Now the reason she doesn't like to be involved is because of her father being bipolar and her fear that the constant roller coaster of a relationship could trigger some symptoms. The irony in this story is words. Both characters were so unique and were able to pull the best out of each other. Aron is an amazing character. I like loved him seriously. There were so much growth for him as a character. Now when we found out he was bipolar i was like " I KNEW IT SERIOUSLY", especially when he was a man whore for a good chunk of his time. The whole time i'm reading and it's like Real by Katy Evans (Awesome book by the way go check it out). Except he knows how to deal with it. Aron he had no idea and just kept going on. The thing i love about this book is that it was so realistic it wasn't all butterflies it was tough. For Nessa seeing the man she loves in pain and him refusing to drag her down with him. One of my favorite scenes is the Halloween Scene it was so funny and sweet and sexy ughhh. The fact that they both dressed up as vikings and had no clue..... squeee overload. Quote time.... "Always do the thing that scares you"-Nessa's Dad. "You're biased i'm wearing a corset" - Nessa to Aron.
 “It wouldn’t have worked because I feel more for you than I ever have for anyone, and anything we do together isn’t me using you!” He squeezes his eyes shut and sets his forehead on mine. “It’s me, giving myself to you.”-Aron to Nessa. Can i just end it by saying you shall swoon and cry and have mini anxiety attacks and too many feels. If you liked Real By Katy Evans you will like this although this doesn't have an MMA fighter but he's just as strong and swoony.

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