Friday, August 16, 2013

Rock Chick

Sorry for being a little MIA lately... I have been enjoying too much books and ones that will throw you for the ride of your life and end up looking a hot
mess of emotions and you are just exhausted ....yup that's how i felt after reading Rock Chick by Katie Ashley. Anyways onto the juicy details where there may or may not contain spoilers read at your own risk! So in this wonderful novel we meet Indy Savage she's your little feisty heroine. She owns a used bookstore passed down from her grandmother. Her father is a cop and she is a really big rock fan. Moving along she has been trying to get the attention of Liam "Lee" Nightingale for a while now ever since she was five years old... not that long of a time... Anyways it only takes one of her employees who has made a very bad deal and causing her life to be in danger not that bad right nope wrong... Now Lee has to be involved regardless cause its his sister's best friend. And top it all off with a nice bow Lee decided that he was interested in Indy he wants to be in a relationship with her. Now this book has drove me up the walls. First of all i loved Indy and Ally they are quite the pair. Now as much as i loved Indy i wanted to just slap her senseless this girl puts the dis in obedient.. Because of her lovely and big mouth there are a mob of evil bad guys hot on her trail. Which leads into her asking Ally her best friend to find a place to hide in for a couple days. She sends her to Lee's house like girl is cray seriously I had a feeling that he was going to pop in at anytime. Folks lets take a wild guess who popped in the middle of the night and dragged Indy out of bed like a criminal..that's right Lee. Now Lee is a very debatable situation. At times i hated the way he talked to her. At other times (...which is a lot ) he understands her and is the only person that can handle all her craziness. That guy likes to boss people around no joke seriously. Anyways he offers Indy a proposition he helps Rosie her employee and he gets her to be his girlfriend. Honestly there are some moments where i'm just like dude you could have done that way way better like come on.... he like demanded to have sex with her when before he said he saw her as a sister. Come on a girl can only take so much rejection and humiliation. He then waltz's in and is like i'm done playing your games and stuff....huh? last time i checked he was the one that stated he didn't see her like that and if you are so determined you should have grabbed her from the moment you came back. You could have gave her something to hold onto until you came back. Anyways enough with the ranting. I think this book is great if you are in need of some adventure and suspense (although i kind of figured out what was going on most of the time.. but that's probably cause i'm cuckoo like that.....) This book is great and is one of a very long series it follows every body introduced in Rock Chick...seriously.... It will have you laughing so hard, wanting to slap someone, or just swooning a little or a lot depends on you. Quote time .. 
“For what it’s worth, I’ll share my intentions. You and me, we aren't practice for the real thing. It isn't that too much is at stake with family and friends, it’s because I love you. You’re funny, beautiful and you care about people. I like the way you look at me, especially when you think I don’t notice it. I like that we have history and our kids will have a big family and share that history because there was never a time when their Mom and Dad weren't together. If you were a terrible lay, I might have second thoughts but you and I are dynamite together. I intend to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. If that freaks you out, tough, because now we've started this, there’s no goin’ back.”-Lee ( he can be romantic if he tried) 
― Kristen AshleyRock Chick 
“We’re not exactly together and were not, not together. We’re in together-limbo. We’re test-driving together to see if we want to buy it.” 
Hilarious  “Girlie, I'm from Texas. We shoot at each other to say good morning.” 

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