Monday, July 29, 2013

Fading & Killing Sarai

 Over the course of the few days, I have finally read really good and swoon worthy books. All three books deal with serious issues such as rape, drugs, abduction, and etc. For me personally, i usually read really dark books which I tend to find that those kind of books always affect me in the deepest and emotional ways. This is about a girl who is raped and her struggles for her survival.
 The first book is Fading By E.K. Blair which tackles the topic about rape and the numerous effects it has on the person after it occurs. Let me just say that E.K. Blair wrote this so realistically and vividly that I felt the character's pain and her confusion. The unfortunate thing is that most sexual assaults and rape cases are caused by people who you know or are acquainted with. When you realize it, it's pretty scary to think about i mean these people are supposed to be people you know and trust.  I loved the fact that she didn't sugar coat the trauma and the modification it does to the physical and mental aspect of the human mind and body. Candace is such a strong,mature character who doesn't easily give in. For her to just keep on trying to survive instead of giving up is something that not a lot of people can do when they go through such a traumatic event. Not only that, but she also had a lot of courage for trying where on the other hand some other people would just shut down and let the trauma to take over.  There were scenes where i was literally holding my hand to my chest and my hands were shaking with fear. In addition, I also loved the little karma that was thrown in there but, I won't spoil that for you. The only thing i didn't like was that she didn't tell her best friend that she was raped which to me made no sense because she is supposed to be there for her and let her know whats going on in her life she is her best friend. I think its such a good read but you should have a happy, more riveting book to follow up with because let me tell you it drains all your energy and gives you the shivers.   

Now moving along to this crazy thrilling roller coaster that's called Killing Sarai By J.A. Redmerski.  OH HOLY TAMALES. Where do I even begin with this book. *sigh* J.A. Redmerski you have blown my mind yet again. This book follows Sarai a girl who was captured and brought to Mexico, where she is under the influence of Javier a Mexican drug lord. Now let me tell you this book was going to give me a heart attack. When she finally decides to escape she escapes with a Hit man or assassin. But let me tell you this girl has balls okay. Normally one would assume that she is this introvert dainty thing, but no she will pistol whip you if you come near her. I freaking loved that. And can i say i fell for the no emotion man that is named Victor. See here's the thing even though he was cruel and didn't show any emotion, there was still parts of his humanity. For example he put her to sleep instead of having his way with her. There were numerous times when he could have killed her but he didn't. *spoiler alert* They both share a connection, they both were taken at such young ages and were forced to adapt. Because they both were so young they developed this sort of numbness towards pain and violence. But let me tell you this book was crazyyy *insert Brittney Spears Crazy here*. First off i wanted to kill Izel and i have no remorse for the pain she suffered. Its like Nan in Fallen Too Far there is no feelings there. You just stare at your e-reader and your like "well its about time someone shut you up". I have to say though i loved the fact that Sarai had a backbone. Like on so many occasions she would argue with Victor and the whole time i'm like "don't piss him off, he might actually kill you this time". I had such conflicted feelings at one point i actually start to worry for her safety and at another point i'm like its okay its just Victor he'll protect you i hope. I love it when they finally realized feelings for each other it wasn't like "my soul mate let's go get married and have 2.5 kids". It was more realistic, than that, considering the circumstances they are in.And when they slept with each other, it was such an intimate moment. He didn't want to hurt her or her trust. (spoiler alert) Like even when he had to find the tracking device, and she was screaming bloody murder, which i would totally do if i was  in her place.  He leaned over her and told her "do you trust me" and she was like "i do". And i just sat there took a breather and squealing at my book. A thing that i don't like in some NA books is the overuse of the word "babe" and "baby" and thank god that didn't happen in this book. I love the endearment but when used frequently in 90% of NA books i tend to get sick of it. Now one of my favorite scenes was when that bastard of a brother goes to the hotel room and her tries to kill her the whole time im like "hold up hold up she defended him in front of Victor and stuff and now he wants to kill her " I swear i can't even tell you how many times my parents or siblings just looked at me like i have a few screws loose. That's when you know a book is good when you start yelling at it or squealing or crying. Now when Victor pieced together that the client wasn't coming and his brother fooled him the whole time i'm praying to God he gets there in time. At first i was confused when Sarai didn't let Niklas in, and then it hit me she had a feeling he was going to kill her. OH Allah and when she gets shot " Victor, don’t kill him!” I manage to shout through the pain. 
   He blinks back into focus having been momentarily lost in a blind rage, and he glances at me. 
   “Please, don’t kill him,” I repeat in a soft, desperate voice. 
   “He tried to kill you,” he says, looking at me with a confused expression as though he can’t believe what I’m saying. “He shot you.” “Victor, he’s your brother. He’s only here because he was trying to protect you.” (pg 259). Ah i swear it killed me. All in all this book is a life changer for sure.