Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spark By Brooke Cumberland

    Okay now here is another book that has blown my mind and left me crying                         after it was done. *Warning Warning Cliff Hanger* 
The book talks about our lovely heroine Velaney Wills who has a lot of hurt and anguish in her. She steers away from a relationship because she feels that she is too damaged and nobody wants damaged goods. Enter Eric Reilley who is a firefighter and is too good to be true. i shall leave you there and you have to go read it for your selves TTFN (Ta Ta for Now ). Well boys and girls this book started off with a burning inferno of desire, no really it started of with an inferno, meaning the building was on fireee. And of course because this is a novel although i wish it was real life a very delicious firefighter who so happens to be off duty and lives in her building and on the floor beneath her, rescues her. When this fire happens it was laundry day meaning Mr. Gorgeous firefighter saw her in a little lacy nightie yikes!! Anyways even after he saved her, he wants to get to know her a little bit better. And can i throw in how much i love Carissa, she really was a strong force in this story.  OH MY GOSH Carissa i can't, the things she says to Velaney "you really need a visit from the pussy fairy", i was rolling on the floor in happy tears. Velaney got her trust broken by the most close to her heart. What devastates her even more is that her own parents aren't there when she needs them to be. *dun dun dun another spoiler read at your own risk, don't say i didn't warn you* Aiden her brother has been sexually abusing her since she was eight, it all started when she accidentally crushed in front of her pastor mother. After she got reprimanded Aiden told her she needs to be punished and did the most unimaginable thing. Velaney always has this constant fear or disgust  towards cursing or swear words in general. Let's take a wild guess as to why, the most thing that infuriates is that how can her own brother claim her as his as if she is some property. Eric is seriously the most perfect guy for her or in general. Aiden continues to make life for them hard, constantly stalking them and making the relationship between Eric and her even harder. And the ending ahhhh i like had a panic attack.... On a lighter note my most favorite parts of the book was  when she sang to him for the first time to get him back. When they see each other for the first time. Quote Time...  “You were worried about me, sweetheart? Well, aren't you a doll.”-Eric to Velaney “I’m a firefighter. We don’t…usually knock,”-Eric  “I’m starting to think you just like me rescuing you.” -Eric .. People this book is overall a squeal worthy book seriously.... 

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