Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Ain't Me Babe

Warning Read only when you have read the book!
This book is definitely one of those books that i will remember. It was such a whirlwind from the beginning to end. It was definitely out of my comfort zone. I don't normally gravitate toward motorcycle themed books. But it was such an adrenaline rush. First off we have two very different characters yet similar. They both struggle from issues within themselves. River/Styx suffers from a stuttering problem. Salome/Mae is traumatized from the things she seen and had to face in the Order. Both broken souls fighting to make some semblance of normalcy in their life. River meets Salome at a very young age in his life. He was supposed to stay in the car while his father disposed of bodies......o.0....i know. Anyways he obviously doesn't listen and then wanders around the forest until he comes across this fence. As he looks closer he then meets Salome and there folks we have the first meeting. We later find that Salome escapes from her wedding to the Prophet and gets injured whilst escaping. After she makes it of there she manages to flag down a car and they drop her at the nearest building which so happens to be Styx's clubhouse coincidence i think not. Anyways and the story only escalates from there. The thing i loved most about this book was the way the author was able to really combine two completely different worlds and manage to weave both so effortlessly. On one hand you have the so called pure/holy rollers and on the other hand we have the sinners. And we learn from this book not to judge. They use the word of God so they can justify their pedophilia fetishes in the light of the greater good. While the Hangmen are sinners they have each others backs. When River and Mae came together finally might i add it was such a beautiful thing to see because they both balance each other out. Mae calms River and he offers the protection and safety she needs. These characters stories were so beautiful to read. If you enjoy a truly emotional and adrenaline pumping story then this is the book for you. Thank you Tillie Cole for creating such a wonderful story. 
Favorite Quotes   “You have light within you, Styx, and I feel it shining through like the rays of the midday sun. It is beautiful. You are a good man.” Mae

"Fuck me. Those eyes. Even through all the blood, mud, and shit on her face, those eyes fuckin' shone - ice-blue, like a goddamn wolfs. Only seen one pair of eyes like that before..." - Styx 



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