Friday, April 25, 2014

Finding Faith

Now where to begin with Finding Faith. I started this book about a month ago and dropped it because the mood wasn't right for me to read it. In anticipation of the release of Convincing Constance. But let me tell you i felt like a huge fool when i recently picked it back up and finished it. Ever get these moments where you wanna kick yourself for not trying or doing something earlier...yea..well that's what i felt with this book. Now onto the juicy details. This book is a part of a series called The Blow Hole Boys. The first two books in the series are called Perfecting Patience and Playing Patience. It focuses on the guitarist Zeke and his leading lady Patience. Now I truly enjoyed the first two books in the series and when i heard about Finn getting his own story i was like......hell yeah sign me up. I was very curious as to why Finn acted the way he did. Let me tell you this story did not disappoint. Faith the leading lady of the story is your good preacher girl. Now the feels i had for this couple was crazy. First of all Faith is such a strong girl. (warning will contain spoilers enter at your own risk) I mean staying strong after her father beat her. She was so brave she didn't let him break her. Finn gets caught doing graffiti which we find out wasn't really his fault. He just got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has to do community service in a church i wonder what church could he possibly be volunteering at. Oh thats right Faith's church. So when they first meet Finn thinks Faith is an angel which is cute. As the days go on they grow closer and she finds out that he's not that bad of a person. Finn he's the definition of a bad boy. Man he melted me with his words and his tenderness. Of course it wouldn't be a good book without a villain. Well it's Faith's father surprise surprise. Now this man i wanted to reach into the book and slap him with one of his belts. Her father thinks he's the spawn of the devil. After the horrifying accident with two of his band mates and Faith's friend, daddy dearest thought it was best to move Faith to California. Of course Faith was like "hell no dad i'm not going to the Valley nope not without my hunky man." and he was like "oh really well guess what you are or else i'm throwing him in jail". And of course as readers we were all like oh hell no you didn't just say that everything from then on was expected. Of course with the letters we all thought that for sure her father wrote i wasn't expecting her mother at all. Now the biggest shock of the century was when Faith got pregnant with Jimmy. Like i told you guys this girl is no joke. She really gave me the courage to do the scary things in life cause they end up being the most significant decision in your life. This book was really awesome and i absolutely loved it 
Finn                                                Faith
Favorite Quotes  If it looks like a sinner and talks like a sinner, then it must be a sinner. And one thing I knew about the stranger in front of me was that he was made for sin. - Faith

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